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COVID-19 Safety

We have incorporated additional measures and operational changes to ensure everyone stays safe during these uncertain times.


We're in this together 

We have a shared responsibility to keep each other safe and have partnered with Go Happy Cab's drivers, Marin's teachers, Parents, and the Kids we drive to implement safety protocols informed by local Marin County health authority guidelines and the CDC to keep our community safe.  


This includes mandatory face masks, regular sanitization of surfaces, health and safety certifications, and contact tracing.

Face masks are mandatory

All drivers and students are required to wear a face mask or covering throughout the ride.

Stay home when sick

Drivers and families are asked to perform regular health self-checks and should stay home when feeling sick, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Personal and vehicle cleanliness

Drivers will regularly disinfect hands and frequently touched vehicle surfaces before and after each ride. 

Keep Windows Open

Whenever possible, vehicle windows will be kept open to improve ventilation and avoid recirculated air.

Learn more about our commitment during Covid and our "new normal" safety protocols moving forward.

Trust starts with Drivers who care 

Our drivers care about how they show up each and every day. 

  • Go Happy Drivers are all at least 25 years old, are personally recruited, and have successfully completed a comprehensive interview by the Go Happy Cab Care Team Lead

  • Live in Marin County

  • Possess a valid commercial driver's license with a clean driving record

  • Drive a 4-door accessible vehicle in great condition

  • Undergo yearly state-certified inspected vehicles

  • Thorough background checks through state fingerprint verification

  • Successfully completed company training programs

  • Continuous behind-the-wheel evaluations

  • with appropriate endorsements

  • Passed all additional local or school required driver qualification programs

Experience You
Can Trust

For over 20 years Go Happy Cab has provided transportation to Marin County and matching Drivers with riders who need special care, with millions of miles safely driven.

Ride safety protocols

Go Happy Cab drivers are required to adhere to our safety protocols while picking up or dropping off students and while driving. These include procedures around secure seatbelt buckling, using designated pickup and dropoff locations and mobile device usage.

Communication for a Careful Ride

You’re never alone. We’re here to help anytime.  We know getting ready for school in the morning is not always easy, especially after months of distance learning. To help make the transition to school easy, The Go Happy Care Team works closely with parents and administrators to customize pickup and drop-off instructions including whether a rider needs to be signed out or walked into class, so there is no confusion.

Know your Happy Cab Driver 

Before your ride, we'll let you know about your assigned driver so you and your child will know who they are, what they look like, and the kind of car they drive.

Incident management

Appropriate and timely responses to behavioral or harmful incidents are critical to maintaining a safe environment for all students.

Our safety protocols mandate specific actions and formal reporting to ensure parents and teachers are immediately informed and receive a written incident report within 24 hours.

Safety is in Everything We Do


From selecting, screening, and training all the Go Happy Team members to our 15-point driver certification process, Go Happy Logo t-shirts, mindfulness training, and unique multi-step rider verification process, ensuring the safety of every child and happy rides is at the core of everything we do. 

  1. Must be 25 Years or Older

  2. Must have a minimum of 5-year experience in child care

  3. Submit Proof of a Valid Drivers License

  4. Have a minimum of 3 years of driving experience in Marin County

  5. Have a Good Driving Record and pass an initial motor vehicle history search and well as ongoing checks

  6. Own or Lease a Vehicle not more than 10 Years Old and has Seating for 4 to 7 passengers

  7. Submit Yearly Proof of Registration

  8. Pass Annual Vehicle Inspection by a certified mechanic

  9. Submit Proof of Insurance consistent with California State Law

  10. Pass Criminal Record Check - Every Go Happy Driver must pass a comprehensive search of the county, state, and national records, including the global watchlist and sex offender registries.

  11. Fingerprinted and pass a background check

  12. Child Abuse and Neglect Scan.  Receive a state-level clearance from the Department of Human Services.

  13. Complete a Live Orientation with Go Happy Cab Team Lead.

  14. Follows Go Happy Cab Zero Tolerance Policy for the use of drugs and alcohol while driving, nondiscrimination, no-touching, and no cell phone usage.

  15. Follows our Community Guidelines - Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Smart


We provide our drivers with ongoing training alongside a comprehensive toolkit of safety resources developed in partnership with industry-leading safety experts.

  • Building relationships with students. 

  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Identifying signs of bullying or abuse that
 require mandatory reporting and action

  • Emergency preparedness

  • De-escalation strategies

  • Strategies for driving Special Education students

Ready to get started?

Reach out to discuss how we can partner with you to provide a happy ride to all your students who need a non-traditional ride to school. We’ll show you how Go Happy Cab can deliver a better transportation experience.

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