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Welcome to the stress-free way to get your family where they need to go.

At Go Happy Cab we are dedicated to getting kids to and from school

stress-free so they show up on time and ready to learn.

Founded knowing there is nothing more important than the safety of your kids and the grandparents they love, Go Happy Cab's team of experienced drivers has provided countless families with safe rides and reliable service over the years.


Unlike the other ride services flooding the market today, our drivers are not hired through an app. We are a Marin family-owned company with a longstanding network of caregivers selected and matched to a family based on each rider's particular needs. 


Need a driver who speaks Spanish or Portuguese? No problem; many of our drivers are multilingual and here to help.


Partnership Drives Success 

Go Happy Cab partners with Marin’s Schools by transporting students who require special attention and not able to ride the bus.


Request a Free Quote to join our community of schools, non-profits, and government agencies that we support through arranging safe, guaranteed, affordable student transportation.


We take pride in our ability to provide your family with happy drivers who are on a mission is to help take the stress out of your family's busy schedule.

Join Marin's #1 Transportation Solution for Families by signing up for an account today.

Go Happy Kids

Neighborhood Care Team Members are personally assigned to work with your family and others in neighborhood cohort groups.
We keep assignments local with the same drivers driving your family members to help make transitions worry-free.

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