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From small private schools and activity programs to larger school districts and youth organizations

Go Happy Cab is the Transportation Solution for all student needs

Whether it’s home-to-school transportation, off-campus events, or delivery of meals and educational materials — we’re committed to meeting the dynamic daily needs of your unique student population. We’ll handle routes for the public, private, charter schools, and non-public schools, and out-of-district placements.

What Schools are saying



Go Happy has been a dedicated partner with our agency to safely & timely transport students with special needs for over 17 years. 


We always receive glowing reports of Cathey and her staff’s helpfulness, great attitude, safe driving, compassion, and demeanor with our students – who can sometimes be quite challenging!


Thank you for everything you do for us, Cathey & crew! 

Dennis R. Petri, Executive Director

Marin Pupil Transportation Agency

Happy Client since 2003

Go Happy Cab has transported thousands of Marin's Children over the past 20+ years servicing Marin County Schools.  Founded on a core mission of providing flexibility to the schools and teachers we serve, our vetted drivers provide families with reliable, safe, secure, and happy transportation they can count on each and every day.

Our Mission at Go Happy Cab is to get kids to school happy and ready to learn each and every day and support Marin Families with all their required transportation needs.


Now more than ever, our commitment to providing unparalleled transportation service is making a difference in families' lives.  By partnering with school districts all over Marin County to fulfill the transportation needs of students with special needs and support the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) school of origin by providing transportation for youth in foster care, senior citizen transportation and transportation help for anyone who needs a little extra care.

Some of the Schools we work with  
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