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Go Happy Cab LLC is a family-owned and operated transportation company that provides a suite of fee-based, transportation-related services for school children ages 5-17, for special needs and older adults, including escorted transportation, companionship, childcare, activity planning, and concierge services operating in Marin County California since 1998.  

Go Happy Cab is Marin County's leader offering safe rides for Marin's schools and busy families who need help getting their kids to activities and appointments and servicing adults who require a little more attention when transportation is required.

"Our daughter has been using Go Happy Cab for over a year now.  Go Happy Cab is used as a vendor for Marin Pupil Transit Authority and Marin County Office of Education.  As part of our daughter's IEP, she receives transportation to and from her school. 


They are punctual, professional, and have that special way of helping our daughter with special needs navigate things like walking to the car (she has orthopedic impairments), making sure her backpack is squared away, etc . . . They even play fun music in the car that she loves to listen to.  One time, I noticed Cathey was playing a book on tape to accommodate another one of her clients.  I am very thankful to Cathey and Sergio for helping my daughter and my family in this important way."


--San Rafael Family

Our Commitment

Socially responsible and committed, our local team is unified in its mission to transform transportation for all our families. Creative and passionate about making an impact on the families we serve, our goal is to solve the safety and security issues with today's rideshare services.

Happy Care Team

We have been fortunate to work with the friends and family who are part of our community. 

As longtime residents of Marin, we have a large circle of independent drivers who are dedicated

to providing safe transportation for Marin's children.

Cathey Cotten


Dedicated mom and resident of Marin County since 1988, Cathey Cotten founded her first startup, MetaSearch, after leaving Goldman Sachs.  Cathey has been dedicated to providing safe transportation services to children in Marin since 1998.


Sergio da Silva

Staff Director

Sergio da Silva has been managing routes and drivers for Happy since 2001.  Father of 6 boys, he knows how to be patient with growing children and how to handle the demands of being a parent and brings that love with him in caring for our clients' children every day.


Carin Winter

Mindfulness Trainer

Carin Winter founded Mission Be, Mindful Education in 2014. In the past two years, Carin and Mission Be have brought their mindfulness program to 52 schools in New York and California, measurably reducing stress and improving performance and self-regulation for over 40,000 students and 1,000 teachers. Carin is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) with a master’s degree graduating Summa Cum Laude from Adelphi University. She has extensive clinical experience working with youth in schools, foster care and the juvenile justice system. Carin maintained a private counseling and healing practice for over a decade and spent nine years as a social worker at Islip Public Schools in New York specializing in substance abuse.

Benhur ID Card.jpg

Benhur Quevedo

Team Lead

Benhur has been with Go Happy Cab since 2017 and is one of our most valued team leads.  Father and husband, Benhur lives in Greenbrae, CA.

Fernanda ID Card.jpg

Fernanda Campos

Driver and Childcare

Fernanda has been with Go Happy since 2015 and is loved by all the children she drives.  Patient, caring, she also is on our Care Team and provides childcare services for afterschool activities.

Jose ID CARD.jpg

Jose Ailton

Lead Driver

Ailton has been with Go Happy since 2016.

Luciano ID CARD.jpg


Lead Driver

Luciano has been with Go Happy Cab since 2014. Funny and good-natured, Luciano was voted Go Happy Cab's #1 driver in 2020 and is loved by all.

Our Story


Go Happy's journey into the transportation business began after hearing a friend's nightmare tale of her autistic son being trapped for hours in a taxi after an accident happened while transporting him to school. 


Unknown to her, the unvetted driver leased a car from the local cab company for the first time that morning, and after the accident, simply locked my friend's child in the car and walked away never to be found again.  After being informed that her child had not arrived at school and the driver not located, the mother drove around and finally found her son in tears only miles away from their home.


How could this happen in Marin County I asked? 


Although my intent initially was to learn how special needs children were transported to help my friend find a better solution for her son, I soon realized there actually was no safe solution being offered in the county at that time. 


Soon after, I acquired Marin Cab to began leading the mission for safe and reliable transportation for kids. 


Marin Cab was the first on-demand transportation company in Marin to require drug testing and background checks.  Although a great first step, I quickly realized that this was not enough.  How could you ensure the safety and consistency needed for children when the drivers leased the cars and could simply refuse to pick up a scheduled child in order to take a larger fare to the Airport? 


The answer was simple, we stopped providing services to clients other than the children we love to serve, which made it possible for the drivers to spend as much time as needed to help the children through the sometimes difficult transitions to and from school and Happy Cab began its true mission, to take care of the families we love.

Today with "Uberesque" car services proliferating the kids market, the need for driver consistency is more critical than ever and I am happy to say that Go Happy Cab continues to personally select reliable teams dedicated to driving families safety to their destinations.


Our mission is to make kid's transportation SAFE and HAPPY!


With Gratitude,


Cathey Cotten

Founder, Go Happy Cab

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