"Cathey and her company provide an excellent service for these kids and I really don't know how I would have made it work without their attention to my son.  Outstanding."

- Mike Mugerian

Frequently asked questions

Zero Tolerance Policy

Go Happy Cab maintains the following Zero Tolerance Policies. Users reported to have violated one or more Zero Tolerance Policies may be promptly suspended pending an investigation, and those found to have violated one or more of the Zero Tolerance policies will be removed from service. 1. Impaired driving, including the use, possession, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving Go Happy Cab passengers. 2. Physical contact between a GoHappyDriver and a youth Rider is strictly prohibited, except in the case of parent approved limited physical assistance or an extraordinary safety reason where emergency assistance is required. In the case of an adult Rider, limited physical assistance may be requested by the adult Rider. 3. Illegal use of a mobile device while driving. 4. Discrimination against any User on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, sexual orientation or any other classification protected by state or federal law. 5. Sexual harassment against any User including but not limited to, unwanted verbal or physical advances; leering, gestures, or displaying suggestive objects, pictures, cartoons, or posters; derogatory comments, epithets, slurs, or jokes; graphic comments or suggestive messages or invitation; and physical touching or assault, as well as impeding or blocking movements. To the full extent possible, complaints will be handled in a confidential manner; an impartial, timely, and thorough investigation will be conducted; and resolution based on the investigation will be issued pursuant to the Terms of Use. No User will be retaliated against as a result of making a good faith complaint or participating in an investigation. You may also contact the California Public Utilities Commission at (800) 849-9444 or by email to CIU_intake@cpuc.ca.gov

Limited Physical Assistance for Older Riders

Physical contact between a Go Happy Care Team and a youth Rider is strictly prohibited, except in the case of an extraordinary safety reason where emergency assistance is required. In the case of an adult Rider, limited physical assistance may be requested by an adult Rider. This is limited to helping an adult Rider load and unload from a vehicle or lending an arm to walk the adult Rider to and from the vehicle. Physical assistance to an adult Rider should only be rendered upon request of the adult Rider and should not jeopardize the Go Happy Care Team or the Rider’s safety (for example, a Driver is never expected to lift a Rider or other heavy objects). Inappropriate physical contact between any Rider and the Go Happy Cab Driver is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate removal from service.

Impaired Driving and Driving Hours

To ensure platform safety, Go Happy Care Team may not operate a vehicle when their ability to operate that vehicle is impaired through illness, fatigue, or any other condition that would likely cause the unsafe operation of the personal vehicle. Go Happy Cab’s Care Team will not operate a vehicle if they have consumed alcohol within 4 hours of starting their shift or if they are otherwise under the influence (or in possession) of alcohol or drugs while working for Go Happy Cab.

Driving Hours

Go Happy Cab Driver’s may not exceed more than 12 consecutive hours of providing services for Go Happy Cab.

Can my child bring a friend if there's room in the car?

Unfortunately not. For safety reasons, the Care Team must know in advance who is scheduled to ride and are not allowed to drive any children that are not booked on the ride. You can, however, schedule a ride for your child and their friend with the permission of the other rider's parent/guardian. To do so, you'll need to create a rider profile for the friend with their information in your account. Once you do that, you can set up the rides as usual!

What are Go Happy Cab's hours?

We can help you get your kids where they need to go anytime seven days a week, except for certain holidays. The holidays we are closed for 2021 include: Christmas Holiday - 12/24/21 through 12/27/21 New Year's Eve - 12/31/21 New Year's Day - 1/1/21 MLK Day - 1/18/21 Presidents Day - 2/15/21 Memorial Day - 5/31/21 Independence Day - 7/5/21 Labor Day - 9/6/21 Thanksgiving - 11/25/21 and 11/26/21 Christmas Eve - 12/24/21 Christmas - 12/25/21 New Year's Eve - 12/31/21 Our Go Happy Cab Support Team, which monitors all rides, is available to handle all urgent issues any time a ride is taking place. To reach them, please call 415.800.CARE. If you have general questions, billing questions, or any other non-urgent issues, please contact our Support Team at support@gohappycab.com or 415.521.0537.. You'll be able to reach the team by email, phone, or chat on weekdays from 8:30am to 6:00pm PT.

Will I have a consistent driver?

Go Happy Cab offers both flexibility to our Care Team Members, as well as safe and reliable transportation for Ride Organizers. To help ensure that Ride Organizers do not experience cancellations or delays due to a Driver’s flat tire, illness, or other life event, Go Happy Cab does not guarantee the same Driver for each ride. Instead, we strive to match every single rider with a driver and alternate driver and create a consistent ride experience (from matching vehicle decals to, to code words, to pick-up procedures) that can be fulfilled by any one of our highly vetted Go Happy Cab Driver. This helps to ensure that Go Happy Cab can consistently meet the needs of Ride Organizers, regardless of the scheduling conflicts of any one Driver. After all, no child should have to miss out on an opportunity just because their regular Driver can’t perform the ride.

Will the Go Happy Cab Driver go inside and sign out my child?

Go Happy Cab Drivers will follow any pickup or drop off procedure you define for them. When you are scheduling your ride, you can leave detailed notes about your pickup and drop off locations. This is your chance to tell your Go Happy Cab exactly what you want them to do upon arrival or departure. You can let the Driver know that you’d like them to park and go inside to sign your child out. You can ask the Driver to walk your child to the door of your house or apartment. You can ask them to make sure your child locks the door behind them. A Driver will do anything you normally do upon both pickup and drop off.

What happens if my Rider is late?

Go Happy Cab drivers allow 10 minutes load time for each pickup. If your Rider is late it can increase the cost of your ride and, if the Go Happy Cab can’t reach you or your rider, the Driver may need to leave the pickup location to make it to their next ride on time. If the Driver has arrived at the pickup location early or on-time and the ride’s pickup is still delayed 10 minutes or more, a Wait Fee of $10 will be charged. The Wait Fee will only be applied once per ride. For example, it will not be added again if the wait time is another 10 minutes. To avoid extra charges, we recommend setting the pick up time for as close to the actual time your Rider will be ready to go. For example, if school is dismissed at 2:50 and your Rider is ready to go at 3:05, change the pick up time to 3 or later, rather than setting it at 2:50. If your Rider is unexpectedly late the day of their ride, please let the Go Happy Cab know as soon as possible by Calling the Ride Support team at 415.800.CARE. The Driver may have another ride following yours that will need to be reassigned to another driver. Keeping the Driver and Go Happy Cab Support Team informed helps ensure that no Rider is left waiting without a ride.

What are pickup and dropoff notes?

When you are scheduling your Go Happy Cab ride, please leave detailed notes about your pickup location. This is your chance to tell your Driver exactly what you want them to do upon arrival. Please include as much detail as possible in the pick up and drop off instructions. This ensures that your Driver will be able to find your child and makes for a smoother ride. Some parents find it helps to close their eyes and envision visiting the location for the first time. Some questions to think about when creating your pick up notes: Is there a pick up line at the location? Will the child need to be signed out? Should your Driver park? Should your Driver go inside? Are there any landmarks your Driver can use to locate your child? If you have specific driving directions for your Driver after pick up, please detail them in the pick up notes section and not the drop off notes section as the \Drivers see the pickup notes before driving to the drop off location. Some questions to think about when creating your drop off notes: Should the Driver park and walk my child in? Where should the Driver park? Has the rider been to this location before? Should the Driver follow the rider's instructions about where to be dropped? If the location is locked, what should the Driver do?

Are there locations or ride mileage that cannot be accommodated by Go Happy Cab?

We recommend using 100 miles as a general guideline when thinking about the maximum distance for your rides. There is, however, no rule regarding the maximum distance we will travel. Call Go Happy Cab to arrange for an out of County ride in advance whenever possible.

Do you guarantee you’ll find a Go Happy Cab Driver for every ride?

Although we do everything we can to schedule and assign pre-scheduled rides for our clients, we can’t guarantee a Go Happy Cab Driver for every ride that is not prescheduled. However, almost all rides are matched to Drivers. We do not control our Drivers’ schedules, but we use many different strategies to ensure rides will have drivers assigned to them. Reoccuring rides are matched a week in advance at the earliest. If, for some reason, we do not have a Go Happy Cab available for an on demand or pre scheduled ride, you will never be blindsided by this information. We let parents know at 8 pm the night before a ride, 7 am the day of the ride, and 30 minutes before the ride’s start time. Our goal is to keep you in the loop so you can make alternate arrangements when you feel it’s necessary. If you choose to make other plans, you can cancel any ride by texting or calling us.

How far will you drive my child?

We recommend using 100 miles as a general guideline when thinking about the maximum distance for your rides. There is, however, no rule regarding the maximum distance we will travel. If a Go Happy Cab is available to drive the distance, they’ll do the ride!

Will Go Happy Cab transport individuals with disabilities?

Absolutely! We enforce a strict anti-discrimination policy and welcome the opportunity to work with Riders who have special needs.

Can you accommodate my rider who is in a wheelchair?

Riders using a collapsible wheelchair or mobility device that fits in the trunk of standard sedans can book rides simply by calling us (we just ask that you let us know so that our Happy Cab driver can ensure sufficient space in the vehicle. We also ask that the rider be able to transfer him or herself from the wheelchair or mobility device into the vehicle with minimal assistance, as we do enforce a Zero-Tolerance Policy relating to physical contact in order to ensure the safety of both riders and drivers. If your rider utilizes a fixed-frame wheelchair or non-collapsible mobility device, please call Go Happy Cab at 415.800.CARE to schedule a Go Happy Cab wheelchair accessible vehicle availability in your area.

What are the minimum criteria for Riders to be eligible to use Go Happy Cab?

Riders must be able to adhere to the Go Happy Cab Community Guidelines, which require that Riders: Be a minimum of 5 years of age and able to sit in either a standard sedan seat or a backless booster seat, as required by law Be able to follow simple instructions/commands on a consistent basis Be able to refrain from aggressive or violent behavior consistently Be able to follow in-vehicle safety procedures (staying in the seat, keeping seat belt fastened, keeping doors closed while moving, etc.) consistently Be able to follow pickup and dropoff safety procedures consistently Be able to refrain from eating/drinking for the duration of the ride Be potty trained and able to travel for the duration of the ride without stopping Be able to complete the trip (allowing for potential delays) without the need for medical treatment. Go Happy Cab Drivers are not trained to administer medication. If emergency protocols need to be in place for your child, parents must submit in writing prior to Go Happy Cab providing service.


Community Guidelines


Go Happy Cab is on a mission to make each and every ride with our company a happy experience. In order to best serve you and your family, please talk to us about anything you feel is important to make that happen. If you experience inadequate or inappropriate service or need special assistance for any reason, we want to hear about it. We are here to help. Our Founder, Cathey Cotten and Staff Director, Sergio Da Silva have been providing happy transportation for over 20 years and will always look for a way to make our transportation partnership work for everyone in the Go Happy Cab Community. Call us at 1.415.800.CARE (2273) To ensure rider safety, identity verification must be performed prior to riding with Go Happy Cab. Ride Organizers will be personally introduced to the Go Happy Cab Staff manager and the driver assigned to your family prior to the first pickup. We request that this meeting happen before your first trip with us whenever possible. If you are unable to meet in person before pickup, let us know and we will schedule a Zoom call with you. Families will be given your Happy Cab Drivers name, profile photo, and vehicle information (license plate number and make/model) so that Riders or authorized adults are able to verify the vehicle during pickup. Vehicle decals are also used as a way to help identify the Go Happy Cab Driver.


Unless given prior permission. Riders under 17 cannot order a cab without a parent or caregivers’ approval, cannot change the drop off location once en route, cannot add riders to a trip unless authorized and the parent is notified, and cannot cancel a ride without the parent’s approval. When required, our drivers walk riders to class, check them in at appointments, alert coaches or instructors of their arrival, walk your family member to the door when necessary, confirm there is someone home to greet them and wait until they are safely inside. At Go Happy you can trust your family to ride with someone who takes the time to make sure your child has been safely transported door to door.


Vetting. We go through multiple checks, such as address history, sex offender records, driving and SSN validations for every driver applicant. All Go Happy Drivers pass National level FBI and Department of Justice background checks, DMV records and referral checks on an ongoing basis. Vehicle inspection & Road-test. Only Happy approved vehicles are deployed for rides (which are at least a 2009 or newer four-door vehicle in great condition). We have a strict policy to monitor regular maintenance and perform checks that proper inspections were completed. We conduct in-person road tests for every single candidate to make sure they drive safely while having your family members with them. All Go Happy Cab Drivers follow a strict Covid Protocol. See GoHappyCab.com for more details. Rider names are confirmed before beginning the ride as an added layer of security. CareDrivers are responsible for providing the Rider with the Rider’s name once they have reached the vehicle. After the information has been confirmed, the Rider can provide their birthday as an added layer of security.

  • Only get into the car if you know the driver, the Go Happy Cab decals are visible.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, tell your Go Happy Cab Driver and parents or teacher right away.


Driving requires focus and patience. Please help your GO HAPPY CAB drive as safely as possible by:

  • Allowing your Go Happy Cab Driver to properly strap you into your booster seat or seat;
  • Remain strapped in until the car fully stops;
  • Allowing your Go Happy Cab Driver to unbuckle you and/or help you out of the car; whenever needed.


It is critical for everyone in the Go Happy Cab Community of users to make arrangements to be early or on-time for all scheduled rides. Both Go Happy Cab Drivers and Riders often have strict schedules that they need to adhere to, so it’s important to uphold your commitment to the time that’s been scheduled. Go Happy Cab Drivers cannot begin a ride more than 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled start time as drop-off locations may be closed or unable to accept the Rider prior to the requested time. The Go Happy Cab Community is expected to be mindful of ride cancellations as they may greatly impact another rider's schedule. To better respect one another’s time, ride cancellations should be made as far in advance as possible as Go Happy Cab Drivers and Ride Organizers often have strict schedules to adhere to. “Last-minute” ride cancellations can pose a safety risk for Riders if the CareDriver is cancelling with short notice. But things change, kids get sick, emergency mornings happen. We know this. That is why we request that you text us prior to 7PM the night before scheduled pickup via text to 1.415.800.CARE (2273) if the rider needs to cancel for any reason, or 30 minutes prior to pickup if they are running behind schedule or have any concerns about a ride. Cancellation rates can impact their status as an ongoing member of the Go Happy Cab Community of Care. And if you have trouble finding your Go Happy Cab Driver you or your rider is running late, let us know by 1.415.800.CARE (2273) or inform a parent/adult, so that we make sure you two connect and you get where you need to go.


Being mindful at all times is the best approach to helping keep our riders, drivers and others safe and we ask that everyone in the Go Happy Cab Community avoid situations that put another person at risk. The Go Happy Cab Drivers think like a caregiver while watching for situations that may require quick action, while Riders put their brain to work by trusting their instincts and ensuring they are getting into the correct vehicle at pickup. It is expected that all Community Members of Go Happy Cab recognize the sensitive nature in working with children and seniors. Both Riders and Go Happy Cab Drivers should refrain from contacting each other outside of the ride without prior express consent from the Rider’s parent/guardian or the Ride Organizer. If you would like to get a message to your driver, let us know. We will be happy to contact them for you. Your rider might be riding solo, or might be part of a carpool. It is important that all users of the Go Happy Cab Community respect every passenger through use of appropriate language and gestures. Be kind to all in the car and don’t make disparaging remarks. Bullying is unacceptable and not cool.


  • Wear a mask covering their mouth and nose during each and every ride.
  • Stay in your seat, with your seatbelt on. If a rider cannot keep their seatbelt fastened or is prone to unbuckling, opening the car door or attempting to get out of the vehicle during the trip, let's talk about solutions. If it is necessary to harness your rider, let's work together to make sure this is a smooth transition.
  • Sit in the backseat if under the age of 13. Riders between ages 8 and 13 must first have permission by the parent if they are allowed to sit in the front seat.
  • No rough-housing, yelling, or distracting the driver. No engaging in inappropriate conversations during the ride.
  • Riders under the age of 5 must use a car seat, provided to the HappyCab Driver by our staff manager, and installed by the caregiver or parent/guardian.


Once a rider is scheduled, you will be given a pickup time that coincides with the school or appointment time designated by the Go Happy Cab Staff Manager. Whenever possible, please be ready to go ten minutes before your ride pickup time. Remember, Go Happy Cab Drivers have other rider’s assigned after your child is dropped off at school and can only wait 5 minutes past the scheduled pickup time so they aren’t late for their next ride.


Riders under the age of 17 are not allowed to change pick up times or locations. If you receive service through your School District, requests for a change in drop-off location requires prior approval from the Transportation Coordinator. If you have a private Go Happy Account, changes from Ride Coordinators / Caregivers can be made 24 hours in advance.


Riders under the age of 17 may not request an additional stop or a different drop-off location. Go Happy Cab Drivers must transport a Rider directly to the predetermined drop-off location selected by the Ride Organizer and not make any unauthorized stops along the way including but not limited to food or gas.


However, we know there are always exceptions and bathroom emergencies happen, especially with our younger riders. If your rider is prone to incontinence, it is important that you have the rider use incontinence underwear during the trip.


In the event of a non-medical incident or emergency, the Go Happy Cab Driver will pull over to assess the situation and contact Go Happy Cab immediately. If necessary, call 911 immediately before contacting our staff manager. Once the situation is assessed, Go Happy Cab will notify the parent and discuss next steps. If the Parent or Ride Organizer requires an emergency protocol other that described above, please let us know via email at catheycotten@gohappycab.com


When Go Happy Cab gets to the designated location, riders under the age of 17 are expected to go directly to where you’re supposed to be.

  • If the rider needs a direct hand off to the teacher, caregiver or doctor, please let us know in advance so that we arrange for additional time to make this transition happen smoothly.
  • If the rider does not need a handoff, but you would like us to inform their teacher upon drop-off, please just let us know. We want every rider to get to their destination safe and happy.


At no time will a rider under the age of 17 be left alone at a drop off location without confirmation that the parent, teacher or caregiver is at the designated drop off point. There are no exceptions to this rule. If a driver leaves the driver he/she will be immediately dismissed from service. If your rider does not need supervision and is able to stay at the designated location unattended, please send an email to catheycotten@gohappycab.com


When your Go Happy Cab is dispatched, he or she has been given clear instructions on where to pick you up and where to bring the rider, thanks to your parents’ or school’s input and the other riders we service. We put a lot of thought into how best to service all our clients, so there may be a reason a pickup time or drop-off protocol has been designated. Please let your Go Happy Driver follow those instructions by not interjecting or providing additional information that may conflict with what’s been provided. He/She is instructed to only take direction from their Go Happy Cab Staff Manager. If you believe that the instructions are incorrect, don’t override them— just call us at 1.415.800.CARE (2273) to talk to us about it. We are here to help you get to the right destination.


We know there are times when it would be helpful to take a friend home from school, but unfortunately only named Riders can ride in a Go Happy Cab. No individuals other than the listed Go Happy Cab Driver and Rider(s) can accompany the ride. If your transportation service is arranged from the School District or School your child attends, only the Account Ride Organizers are legally authorized to arrange rides and permitted to add or remove a Rider from a Ride, or edit Rider information. Unauthorized third parties are not covered under Go Happy Cab insurance. With that said, we know that sometimes there will need to be an exception to the rule and if you have a parent account you can always add an additional rider to your Family Account Record. Please contact us 24 hours in advance if this is something you need to do.


Food and beverages are prohibited during rides. We are all in this together and must keep in mind that some of our Riders may have a sensitivity or intolerance to certain foods. Therefore we ask that parents and drivers do not provide any type of food or drinks to their Riders. Riders must help keep the vehicle clean and free from potential damage by not eating or drinking during the ride.


Go Happy cab Drivers may not take photos or videos of Riders, use inward-facing dashboard cameras, or otherwise record conversations with Riders, without the parents express consent. This is to ensure that the privacy rights of our Community of Riders (who are often minors) are protected.


Because there may be Users with respiratory issues or who are bothered by the smell, Go Happy Cab does not allow any of our drivers to smoke during a ride or in the Go Happy Cab vehicle. Drivers will also be mindful of tobacco-free requirements around schools and other public or private locations and not permitted to smoke in any of these locations while waiting for a driver.


To protect the safety of all riders, Go Happy Cab drivers are instructed to refrain from giving gifts (including food) to Riders unless previously permitted by the Parent or Ride Organizer. Go Happy Cab Drivers are instructed to maintain age-appropriate communication while performing the Services. The same is requested of Riders.


Many of our riders need assistance getting in and out of the vehicle or may need to bring their wheelchair or walker with them. It’s ok, we are trained to help. Please just let us know prior to beginning service so we can assign the correct Go Happy Cab Team Member to assist you.


All Go Happy Cab Drivers are required by law to accommodate service animals and make other reasonable accommodations for Riders with special needs. If your rider requires a service animal, please let us know.