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Your family's trusted Transportation Partner

Say hello to convenience and peace of mind.

Do you require daily pick and drop services from schools, learning centers, or after-school programs and simply cannot fit it into your own schedule?


Don't Worry. 

Go Happy Cab has you covered!

Providing "Transportation with a Smile" is not just a slogan to us...

It's our MISSION.  

Why Go Happy Cab?  It's simple. 

We get your family where they need to be safe and happy each and every day.


Go Happy Cab is not an on-demand Taxi Service or an Uber for Kids.  We are a transportation company focused on servicing schools and family accounts well and welcome you to contact us to discuss how we can be of service to your family.


We understand that reliable transportation can be the difference between success and struggle. That's why Go Happy Cab has been on a mission to provide Marin's families with dependable transportation service and providing unparalleled Happy, Safe, and Reliable Rides in Marin for over 20 years.

We don’t just show up, we partner with families and engage wholeheartedly to create a happy transportation experience for the kids, families, schools, and organizations to empower the community we serve.

For anyone that needs a caring hand, we’re here to help.

I wanted to share my thoughts on Go Happy Cab and the service that they have provided for us in the past...well, a lot of years.  For as long as I have been teaching in Marin, Cathey and her team have been an integral part of our school community.  They have been reliable, communitive, and flexible with the well-being of the students always their top priority.  I have trusted and depended on them. As far as I know, the families that they have served felt the same.  Even in the most "challenging" situations, they have, forgive the pun, gone the extra mile to provide quality service and care beyond what was "required."


I know there are lots of app companies trying to do what Happy has provided to us all for years, and I wonder if anyone else has the experience necessary to provide such a high level of caring, personal care.  The personal touch and genuine dedication that Go Happy Cab uniquely possesses has made a great impact on the safety, emotional well-being, and quality education that we strive to provide our students.   I'm biased, I know.  Years of trusted collaboration, expert problem-solving, and having them "come to the rescue" makes it easy for me to recommend them.


Michael Lovejoy, Special Education Teacher, Tamalpais High School, Mill Valley CA

All you need is Go Happy Cab

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